Utopia starts with You!
Made 10 October 2020       
Last Fine-tune: 10 Tishrei 5782       

Utopia Project*
An Opt-In Society with the Goal of
Creating a Sustainable Utopian Universe for Everybody & Everyone!

Welcome to the Currency Section of UP*

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UP* currency is for use by Utopia Project* participants within UP*
& for UP* activities spanning the Universe that we are all part of..!

Available on StellarPort or the Lobstr App

UP* Currency Queries: CUP@UP.energy

Utopia starts with You! email: j@UP.energy

Bee Free!
Be Peaceful!

Bee Free!
Bee Free!

Within the guidelines of your Universal Rights as a Living Being beginning with Original Sovereign Tribal Federation - Universal Rights & following the Inter-Galactic Universal Love Rules when going onwards, UP*wards & beyond..!

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If UP* has given you inspiration & a new perspectiveyou,
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Utopia Starts Wtih U!